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Texas Shrine Clown Association

T.S.A Breakfast Minutes Friday, June 10, 2016


Call to order at 7:00 am

Welcome by President.


Invocation was given by our Chaplain Jim “Hot Rod” Wells followed by Pledge to the Flag of our Country and Texas, which was led by our Vice President Stephen “Boinky” Starr.


Meeting was called from Business for Breakfast

After Breakfast Meeting was called to order by President Greg “Fuzzy” Talley


Introduction of State officers and their ladies


Roll Call of Units and their Dignitaries


After the roll call of units a letter from the Potentate of Arabia was read informing the TSCA that the Shenanigans Clown unit was a recognized unit by Arabia. A motion was made and seconded to vote in the Shenanigans Clown Unit as a member of the Texas Shrine Clown Association. Motion was passed. Shenanigans paid their yearly dues of $150


The reading of the Mid Winter minutes were suspended and have been posted on the web site.


Treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Black Camel Report:

After the Black Camel Report Chaplain Jim “Hot Rod Wells led us in a Prayer of Remembrance.


Member of the Association led by Jim Tidwell and joined by Chance Noble called out Noble Lance Goff for Sneaker Fund Donations and $202 was collected


Incoming Officers were installed into office by Eric “Wet-O” DeWalt Alzafar Oriental Guide.


The following officers were installed:


President:                                            Stephen “Boinky” Starr of Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns

1st Vice President:                               Willie ”Chillie Willy” Howell of El Mina Clowns       

2nd Vice President:                              Alan “Honey” Jones of Al Amin Clowns

Secretary/Treasurer:                          David “Howie-U” Olivares of Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns

Parliamentarian:                                 Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller of Alzafar

Assemblyman:                                     Jerry “Sawdust” Barrera of Hella

Assemblyman:                                     Matt “Butonz” Salgado of El Maida

Assemblyman:                                     Drew “Droopy” Paxton of Khiva


Presentation of the incoming T.S.C.A. President Stephen “Boinky” Starr.


The Gavel was passed to T.S.C.A. President Stephen “Boinky” Starr.


A Plaque was presented to Greg “Fuzzy” Talley for his service.


A Toast to all Past T.S.C.A. Presidents was made.


Overview to Competition and times were made and a Judges meeting was held.


Next years Mid Winter will be in San Antonio March 2-4, 2017 the Hotel will be $99.00 Per night. More information coming.


Meeting was adjourned 



David “Howie-U” Olivares

Secretary /Treasurer