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Texas Shrine Clown Association

T.S.A Breakfast Minutes Friday, June 5, 2015


Call to order at 7:15am

Welcome by President Chuck “Cheetoe” Hudson.


Pledge to the Flag of our Country




Mid Winter Trophies were given out


Introduction of State officers and their ladies

Roll Call of Units and their Dignitaries


The reading of the Mid Winter minutes were Suspended and have been posted on the web site.


Treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Parliamentarian Bobby Miller made a rules an addition to the Rules. Motion made Seconded and Passed.


Black Camel Report: James Tubley Smith- El Mina and Joe Cole- Ben Hur Prayer by Chaplin


Incoming Officers were sworn into office by Maskat Potentate. The following officers were installed:


 President:                                                   Greg “ Fuzzy” Talley of Maskat Clowns

1st Vice President:                                      Stephen ‘Boinki” Starr of Alzafar Clowns                        

2nd Vice President:                                     Willie ”Chillie Willy” Howell of El Mina Clowns

Secretary/Treasurer:                                David Olivares Alzafar Clowns

Parliamentarian:                                         Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller of Alzafar

Assemblyman:                                            Jake Newman of Moslah Clowns

Assemblyman:                                            Harvey “Woody” Woodard of Karem Clowns

Assemblyman:                                            Mike “Yoo Hoo”Coffee of Kerr Clowns


Presentation of the incoming T.S.C.A. President Greg” Fuzzy” Talley by his wife.


The Gavel was passed to T.S.C.A. President Greg ‘Fuzzy” Talley.


A Plaque was presented to Chuck” Cheetoe” Hudson for his service.


A Toast to all Past T.S.C.A. Presidents was made.


Overview to Competition and times were made and a Judges meeting was held.


Next years Mid Winter will be in Wichita Falls March 17-19, 2016 the Hotel will be $59.00 Per night. There will be a Casino Trip on Thursday night   And there will be a Hawaiian Theme at the Party. More information coming.


Meeting was adjourned 


David “Howie-U” Olivares

Secretary /Treasurer