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TSA Breakfast Meeting

Installation of new Officers for the Texas Shrine Clown Association

June 1, 2007


The Texas Shrine Clown Association held it’s annual breakfast and business meeting at the Ambassador Hotel located at 3100 I-40 West in Amarillo, Texas on June 1, 2007.


The Khiva Clowns of Amarillo were the host clown unit.


President Dwayne “Popcorn” Cochran welcomed everyone to Amarillo for our annual breakfast and installation of new officers for the ensuring year 2007-2008.


First Vice President David “Howie-U” Olivares led the assembly in the Pledge of allegiance to the USA and Texas flags.  T.S.C.A Chaplain elect Al “Freckles” Gray gave the invocation.


Following the invocation President Dwayne Cochran introduced Danny and Judy Love of the Khiva Clowns and thanked them for their help with the clown breakfast. President Cochran presented Judy love with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation.


President Cochran requested  Secretary / Treasurer Bob Mantle to take roll call of the units. There were 10 units represented out of 18 units.


During roll call each unit President was given the opportunity to introduce their Divan and Dignitaries present.


Following introductions the meeting was called to refreshment so everyone could enjoy a delightful buffet breakfast.


At 8:05 AM President Dwayne “Popcorn” Cochran called the business meeting to order.


President Cochran introduced the Officers and Guest seated at the head table. First Vice President David “Howie-U” Olivares and his lady Annette, Second Vice President Don “Lil-Bit” Henson and his lady Stacy, Second Vice President elect San “Lucky” Taylor and his lady Erica, Secretary / Treasurer Bob “Checkers” Mantle, Parliamentarian Eddie “Fireplug” Cox and Chaplain Al “Freckles” Gray and his lady Elenita.  And last but not lease the First Lady of Dwayne “Popcorn” Cochran lady Gay.


Following introductions President Cochran requested the reading of the midwinter minutes of   March 10, 2007, which was held in Tyler Texas.


A  motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  Copies of the minutes are posted on the clown web-site and can be reviewed at any time.


The next order of business was the reading of the audited treasurers report.  Secretary / Treasurer Bob Mantle read a complete detailed financial summary of the income and expenses of the Association since the treasurer’s report that was given at mid-winter in Tyler Texas on March 10, 2007.  The income since mid-winter was $1,672.96 and the expenses were $1,300.00.  The balance in the checking account as of June 1, 2007 is $6,650.91.  A motion was made and seconded to except the treasurers report as read.  The motion carried by unanimous vote.


President Cochran requested Secretary / Treasurer Bob Mantle to pull the units to report on any Black Camel Visits since the March meeting.  A roll call of units was given and the following members have passed since the March meeting.


Stan “Fuzzy” Kedzierski of the Ben Hur Srekoj clowns, Past TSCA President 94-95 Bill “Wee-Willie” Arrendale of the Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns and Past TSCA President Emeritus 67-68 Ed “Sleepy” Travis of the Alzafar Nemnuf Clowns.


T.S.C.A.  Chaplain Al Gray offered a prayer of remembrance for all our deceased members.  The names of our deceased members will be added to our friends remembered list on the clown web-site.


President Dwayne Cochran invited First Vice President David Olivares to the podium to introduce his installing Marshall to install the new officers for the ensuing year 2007-2008.  Imperial Assistant Rabban Terry McGuire was introduced and installed the following officers to The Texas Shrine Clown Association.


President:                                 David “Howie-U” Olivares                   Alzafar Nemnuf

First Vice President                  Don “Lil-Bit” Henson                            Hella

Second Vice President              Sam :Lucky” Taylor                              Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns

Secretary / Treasurer                Bob “Checkers” Mantle                        Hella

Chaplain                                   Al “Freckles” Gray                               Alzafar Nemnuf

Parliamentarian                         Eddie “Fireplug” Cox                            Hella

Assemblyman                           Jimmy “Scooter” Godsey                      Moslah

Assemblyman                           LeRouce “Red Buttons” Jones              Sharon

Assemblyman                           Steven “Buzz” Dilsworth                       Arabia


The newly installed President David “Howie-U” Olivares was presented his President fez by his lovely Wife Annette.  President Olivares was presented the President gavel from outgoing President Dwayne “Popcorn” Cochran.


Newly installed President David Olivares presented Dwayne “Popcorn: Cochran a plaque of appreciation from the Association and congratulated him and the Sharon Clowns for a very successful year.


President Olivares presented the Sharon Clowns a plaque from the International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA) for monies they raised for the I.S.C.A. Sneaker Fund during mid-winter.


President David Olivares thanked the Khiva Clowns for their help with the clown breakfast.  He gave a brief overview of the dates and times of clown mid-winter 2008 to be held in San Antonio, Texas.  Registration forms and information on the hotel will be posted on the clown web-site in a few weeks.


The Maskat Clowns presented President Elect David Olivares a check in the amount of $1,100 payable to the ISCA Sneaker Fund.


President David Olivares recognized all the Past TSCA President in attendance. A toast was given to each of the following.


1996-1997                                     Barry Johnson

1996-1998                                     Pete Peters

2004-2005                                     Eddie Cox

2006-2007                   Dwayne Cochran


President David Olivares gave a brief overview of the times and location for competition.  He wished everyone good luck and to be safe.  The judges meeting followed the breakfast.


Chaplain Al “Freckles” Gay gave the closing benediction.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:45 AM in peace and harmony.



Respectfully submitted,


Bob Mantle


Bob “Checkers” Mantle

TSCA Secretary / Treasurer