JUNE 6, 2003


The Texas Shrine Clown Association held it’s annual breakfast and business meeting at the Tour 18 Country Club located at 3102 FM 1960 East in Humble, Texas.


Wayne Chambers of the Moslah Shrine gave the invocation.


Second Vice President Eddie Cox of the Hella Shrine led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


Following a delightful buffet breakfast the business meeting was called to order at 7:30 A.M. by President Jim “Garibaldy” Fite.


President Jim Fite began the meeting by thanking the Arabia Clown Jewels clown unit for providing such a delightful place and setting for the clown breakfast and thanked them for all their hard work.


President Jim Fite then introduced the Officers and guest at the head table.  First Vice President George “Pudgie” White and his lady Sue.  Second Vice President Eddie “Fireplug” Cox.  Secretary/Treasurer Bob “Checkers Mantle and his lady Priscilla.  Parliamentarian Randell “Randy” Dunn and guest Shirley Henson.  Newly elected 2nd Vice President Joe “Blades” Lester and his lady Linda and newly appointed Chaplain C. Wayne “Wano” Chambers and his lady Sandy.


President Jim Fite then took a few minutes to thank the Sharon Clowns for all their help and hard work throughout the year.  He went on to tell how the Sharon Clown unit was like a family to him and what it meant to him to have such good friends and be able to be associated with all the members of the unit.


With that being said, President Jim Fite then introduced his lady guest sitting at the head table Heather Cannatella.  After introducing Heather, Jim dropped a bombshell on everyone in attendance.  President Jim Fite said because this was a called meeting with minutes that would be recorded on the books he asked Heather for her hand in marriage, “Heather will you Marry Me?”  The audience rose to a standing ovation for President Jim Fite and his lady Heather.  Heather gladly accepted the proposal.


After things settled down President Jim Fite requested the roll call of units.  During roll call the units present were given the opportunity to introduce their Divan members and dignitaries present.  There were eleven (11) units out of eighteen (18) present.


Following roll call President Jim Fite requested the reading of the minutes from our Mid-Winter meeting in Tyler, Texas March 8, 2003.  A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  It was stated by the Secretary/Treasure Bob Mantle that a copy of the minutes are available on the clown web site for those who would be interested in reading them.  President Jim Fite then called for the reading of the audited treasury report.  Secretary/Treasurer Bob Mantle read a complete detailed financial summary of the income and expense of the Association since the treasurers report given at Mid-Winter in Tyler Texas.  The ending balance on February 28, 2003 was $4,973.56.  Since the Association meeting in Tyler the association had $3,569.88 in additional expenses and had additional income of $992.49.  Thus leaving a balance in the Texas Shrine Clown Association checking account a balance of $2,396.17.  A motion was made and seconded to except the treasurer’s report as given.  The motion carried unanimous.  The Associations checking account is being tracked through Quicken and is available at any time for any member to review.


President Jim Fite then requested Secretary/Treasurer Bob Mantle to conduct a Black Camel Report.  A roll call of units was taken and the following names were read.  Frank “Tuxedo Kid” Jones of Al Amin Corpus Christi.  Gordon “PO PO” Williams and Julian “BO BO” Amols of Alzafar Nemnuf of San Antonio.  Charles “Charlie” Tupper of El Mina Nem Loof.   Lellan “Patches” Caruthers of Moslah Fort Worth.  Following the reading of the names President Jim Fite requested Chaplain Wayne Chambersto conduct a word of prayer for our deceased members.


Following the Black Camel report President Jim Fite recognized the members from the Maskat clown unit who presented the Texas Shrine Clown Association a check in the amount of $2000.00 dollars to be given to the International Shrine Clown Association Sneaker fund.


President Jim Fite then recognized the President of the Moslah Clown unit Bobby “Homey” Shelton.  The Moslah Clown unit presented a check in the amount of $8,500.00 to the Texas Shrine Clown Association to be forwarded to the International Shrine Clown Association Sneaker Fund.  The funds were raised from a clown gig the Moslah clowns had performed during the year.


The Maskat clown unit invited all clowns to the 66th annual oil bowl football game to be held in Wichita Falls June 21, 2003.


President Jim Fite then invited Past Potentate Jimmy King of Moslah Shrine to the podium to install the officers for the ensuing Year 2003-2004.  The following officers were installed.


President                               George “Pudgie” White                      Moslah Shrine

1st Vice President                  Eddie “Fireplug” Cox                           Hella Shrine

2nd Vice President                 Joe “Blades” Lester                             Arabia shrine

Secretary / Treasurer           Bob “Checkers” Mantle                      Hella Shrine

Chaplain                                C. Wayne “Wano” Chambers            Moslah Shrine

Parliamentarian                     Randell “Randy” Dunn                       Hella Shrine

Assemblyman                       Wayne “YO YO” Duncan                   Alzafar Shrine

Assemblyman                       Jerry “Larry-Ett” Williams                  Suez Shrine

Assemblyman                       Vern “Pogo” King                                Arabia Shrine


The newly installed President George White was presented his President fez by his lovely wife Sue and his daughter Kristie White.  President George White was then presented with the gavel of authority from outgoing President Jim Fite.


Newly installed President George White presented outgoing President Jim Fite a plaque of appreciation and congratulated him for a very successful year and thanked him for all he did for the Association during his term in office.


President elect George White gave a brief overview of his plans for Mid-Winter in March 2004 in Fort Worth.  Explained the details of the convention will be listed on the clown web site shortly and details will be mailed to all unit Presidents.


President George White recognized all Past Presidents of the Texas Shrine Clown Association.  He invited each to come up front and be recognized.  After introductions a toast was given in their honor for their continued support to the Association.


Those Presidents in attendance were.

1986-1987  Randell Dunn  Hella Shrine

1989-1990  Joe Cole Ben Hur

1993-1994  Mike Coffey Alzafar Shrine

1996-1997   Barry Johnson Suez Shrine

1997-1998   Pete Peter Sharon Shrine

1999-2000   Butch Davis Al Amin Shrine

2000-2001   Leighton Roddy Moslah Shrine

2001-2002   Bennie Bowers Alzafar Shrine


After introductions of the Past President the Arabia Clown Unit did a drawing for door prizes.


TSCA Chaplain Wayne Chambers gave the closing invocation.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:40 AM. in peace and harmony.



Respectfully submitted,


Bob “Checkers” Mantle

Secretary / Treasurer