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                                          TSCA BREAKFAST MEETING

                                                         JUNE 7, 2002


The Texas Shrine Clown Association held it’s annual breakfast and business meeting at the Vista Hills Country Club located at 2210 Trawood Ave. in El Paso, Texas.


TSCA Chaplain Al Gray of Alzafar Temple gave invocation.


David Leyva of the El Maida Clowns presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


Prior to and during breakfast the clowns and guest were entertained by the great music of a local mariachi band.  This added a touch to the clown breakfast.


Following the delightful buffet breakfast and entertainment the business meeting was called to order at 9:00A.M. by President Bennie Bowers.


President Bennie Bowers gave a sickness and distressed report on Bobby “ Ice Bucket” Miller.  Bobby was severely burnt in a work related accident in San Antonio Texas.  His condition is improving but it will take a lengthy period for total recovery.  Please keep Bobby in your prayers.


President Bennie Bowers began the meeting by introducing the Officers and guest at the head table.  Jim Fite 1st Vice-President and son Josh, George White 2nd Vice President and his Lady Sue, Bob Mantle Secretary/Treasurer and his Lady Priscilla, Al Gray Chaplain and his Lady Elenita, and newly elected 2nd Vice President Eddie Cox and his lady Nina.  President Bennie Bowers then introduced his lady Edith who he thanked and praised for being there for help and support throughout the year.


President Bennie Bowers requested Secretary/Treasurer Bob Mantle to conduct a roll call of all TSCA units.   During roll, call each unit President was given the opportunity to introduce their Divan Members and dignitaries present.  There were eight units present out of seventeen active units.


President Bennie Bowers then requested the reading of the mid-winter minutes.  A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  It was stated that a copy of the minutes are available on the clown web site.


President Bennie Bowers called for the reading of the audited treasury report.  A motion was made and seconded to except the treasurer report as it is written.  The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.


President Bennie Bowers requested Secretary/Treasurer Bob Mantle to conduct a Black Camel report for all deceased members since our mid-winter meeting.  A roll call by units was taken and the following names were read.  Larry Ranney and Gene Weathererall of Ben Hur Clowns, Jack Sims of the Moslah Clowns, Bill Tankursley of the Sharon Clowns and E.B. Clifton of the Suez Clowns.  These names will be listed on the TSCA web site under friends remembered.














Jim Fite-Sharon


1st Vice President

George White-Moslah


2nd Vice President

Eddie Cox-Hella



Bob Mantle - Hella



Josh Fite-Sharon



Randall Dunn - Hella



Wayne Duncan-Alzafar

Dewayne Cockran-Sharon

Larry Sonnier-El Mina


Past Presidents and

Board of Directors


‘60-’61 Barney Koepp-BEN HUR*

‘61-’62 Max O. Slade-BEN HUR*

‘62-’63 Jack Walders-KHIVA*

‘63-’64 Fred Stancliff Sr.-ARABIA*

‘64-’65 Clint McKethan-KAREM

‘65-’66 Ralph L. Davis-SHARON

‘66-’67 L. Troy Woerner-HELLA*

‘67-’68 L. Ed Travis-ALZAFAR

‘68-’69 Al E. Peveto-EL MINA

‘69-’70 Harold Bristol-MASKAT

‘70-’71 J.R. Brady-MOSLAH

‘71-’72 Cecil Gilum-SUEZ

‘72-’73 Alvin H. Jones-BEN HUR

‘73-’74 Porter Ridlehuber-KAREM*

‘74-’75 Bill Coffey-ALZAFAR*

‘75-’76 C. L. Osborn-ARABIA

‘76-’77 J. H. Armstrong-EL MINA

‘77-’78 John W. Brown-SHARON*

‘78-’79 J. Tom Shelton-MOSLAH

‘79-’80 W. C. Watts-EL MINA*

‘80-’81 Eddie Jones-BEN HUR

‘81-’82 Marion Moore-KHIVA*

‘82-’83 Joe Gulinson-ALZAFAR*

‘83-’84 John S. Gordon-ARABIA

‘84-’85 Homer Kennedy-SHARON

‘85-’86 Dale Kell-SUEZ

‘86-’87 Randall Dunn-HELLA

‘87-’88 James Blackburn-EL MINA

‘88-’89 Coy Hart-MOSLAH

‘89-’90 Joe Cole-BEN HUR

‘90-’91 Gordon Williams-ALZAFAR

‘91-’92 Floyd Crawley-SHARON

‘92-’93 Don Billings-ARABIA

‘93-’94 Mike Coffey-ALZAFAR

‘94-’95 Bill Arrendale-BEN HUR

‘95-’96 Kenny Williams-KAREM

‘96-’97 Barney Johnson-SUEZ

‘97-’98 Pete Peters-SHARON

‘98-’99 Dennis Greenawald-Hella

Wesley Henson*

‘99-’00 Butch Davis-Al Amin

’00-’01 H. Leighton Roddy-Moslah

’01-’02 Bennie Bowers-Alzafar





President Bennie Bowers then called on Barney Johnson past TSCA President to give an Assemblymen report.  Barney called newly elected Assemblyman Wayne Duncan of the Alzafar Nemnuf Clowns and Dewayne “Popcorn” Cockran of the Sharon Clowns to the front.  Barney presented Wayne Duncan a bank bag and its contents.  Barney instructed Wayne Duncan to maintain the contents and report any activity at the next mid winter meeting in March in Tyler Texas.


President Bennie Bowers then invited Terry Huff and Potentate Robert Hyde to the podium.  Potentate Robert Hyde presented a check in the amount of $2000.00 to President Benny Bowers to be donated to the ISCA Sneaker Fund.


President Bennie Bowers then invited the members of the Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns to the podium.  The members presented President Benny Bowers with a check in the amount of $1,100 to be contributed to the ISCA Sneaker Fund.


President Bennie Bowers then invited Potentate Scott Kelly of Sharon Temple to the podium to install the officers for the ensuing Year 2002-2003.  The following officers were installed.

President                               Jim “Garibaldy” Fite                             Sharon Temple

1st Vice President                  George “Pudgie” White                      Moslah Temple

                                                2nd Vice President                 Eddie “Fire Plug” Cox                          Hella Temple

                                                Secretary/Treasurer                 Bob “Checkers” Mantle                         Hella Temple

                                                Chaplain                                  Josh “Goose” Fite                                  Sharon Temple

                                                Parliamentarian                       Randell “Randy” Dunn                           Hella Temple

                                                Assemblyman                         Dewayne “Popcorn” Cockran                Sharon Temple

                                                Assemblyman                         Wayne “Yo Yo” Duncan                        Alzafar Temple

                                                Assemblyman                         Larry “BoBo” Sonnier                            El mina Temple


Newly installed President Jim Fite was presented his President fez by installing officer Potentate Scott Kelly.  President Jim Fite was then passed the gavel of authority from outgoing President Benny Bowers.


President Jim Fite presented outgoing President Bennie Bowers a gavel plaque and congratulated him for a very successful year and thanked him for all he did during the year to support the association.


President Jim Fite recognized Secretary/Treasurer Bob Mantle for all his efforts in keeping the records current during the year.


President Jim Fite gave a brief overview of his plans and what got him interested in clowning.  He made a special tribute to past TSCA President Stawberry Watts and the leadership he displayed throughout the years while he was involved in clowning.


President Jim Fite invited everyone to Tyler in August for their yearly clown dance.  This year’s theme will be Hawaii.  Come to Tyler and have fun.


President Jim Fite called all the past Presidents of the Texas Shrine Clown Association up front and introduced each of them.

Those in attendance were.

1996-1997 Barry Johnson Suez Temple

1997-1998 Pete Peters Sharon Temple

1999-2000 Butch Davis Al Amin

2000-2001 Leighton Roddy Moslah

2001-2002 Bennie Bowers Alzafar


After introductions were complete President Jim Fite asked for a toast to the Pasted presidents for their support to the Association.


There being no further business Chaplain Al Gray gave the benediction and the meeting adjourned in peace and harmony.




Respectfully submitted,




Bob Mantle